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Qishan scenic spot Tiandu Peak Huiyuan Garden Ban Tang Amber time Lion Peak
Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot
Introduction:Caishiji also named Niuzhuji, is located at the head of the “Yangtze River sanji”
Cuiluo mountain
Introduction:Cuiluo mountain also named Niuzhu mountain and Caishi mountain. And it was called C
Green hill Li Bai Memorial Park
Introduction:Green hill Li Bai memorial park is located at the foot of green hill at the southea
Santai Pavilion
Introduction:Santai pavilion has a long history, and was firstly built in Chongzhen years of Min
Taibai building
Introduction:Taibai building is located in the Gu town which is o­ne kilometer away from Cai
Yushan lake
Introduction:Yushan lake is located in the center of Ma’an shan city. And connect with the Yan
Huangshan tower
Introduction:The tower was firstly built in Nan dynasty, and today’s tower was not the origina
Holiday Square
IntroductionThe holiday square is located in the south of the city, is a comprehensive project w
Lin Sanzhi Art Museum
Introduction:Lin Sanzhi art museum is the works gallery of Lin Saizhi who is the great curs
Putang Scenic Area
Introduction:Putang nature scenic spot is located in the Putang mountainous area which is in the
Sanyuan hole
Introduction:Sanyuan hole also named Sanguan hole. And it is o­ne of the largest hole of the
Wanzhu Wu
Introduction:Wan Zhuwu take the bamboo as the main body, take the bamboo culture as the aim, uni
Memorial Park of Zhu Ran
Introduction:Memorial park of Zhu Ran is located in Yushan county in the south of the city. Is t
Xiegong temple
Introduction:Xie Tiao is the representative of Chinese Landscape Poetry. When he was the prefect
Yanjiang plank road
Introduction:Yan Jiang plank road was put up high over between Linjiang's sheer cliff. And i
Chengxin temple
Introduction:Chengxin temple is located in the west of the Mt. Shibao which lies in Heng mountai
Deng village Shangzhou ruins
Introduction:Ma'anshan Heritage census team discovered the archaeological finds specimens in
Jiashan park
Introduction:Jia mountain is located in the east of Yushan lake. And it is o­ne hundred mete
Jinzhu tower
Introduction:Jin zhu tower is located in the Yangtze River estuary of Guxi river. And the tower
Penshan Resort
Introduction:Penshan resort is located in the east of the city, which is 14 kilometers away from
Shimen carved stone
Introduction:It is located in the deep valley which lies in the southwest of the Heng mount
Wudangang ruins
Introduction:Wudangang ruins is the famous cultural sites in the middle and lower reaches of the
Yejia bridge
Introduction:Yejia bridge was built in Ming dynasty of Hongzhi years. It is the important bridge
Zengshan temple
Introduction:Zeng shan is 7.5 kilometers away from the east of Dangtu county. The temple was fir
Zhaoming prince pavilion ruins
Introduction:There were Linjiang building and Xianhua pavilion before. But they were destroyed i
Introduction:Xiaojiuhua is located in the northwest of Caishi County in Ma’an shan c